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To Infertility and Beyond!

one woman's quest for ovulation, conception and pregnancy...

The tale of a 28-year-old Canadian woman - a patient at a fertility clinic - who is dealing with infertility as a result of PCOS, insulin resistance and a low antral follicle count. Read about her experiences with Clomid side-effects, Metformin, hormonal instability, the battle against bitterness, and more!

This journal is friends only.

It began as a journal about trying to conceive, and is now about my journey through infertility. Hopefully someday it will be a pregnancy journal.

Edit -- and on August 21, the journey ended with a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. I'll still be journaling about the fallout, the emotions and the various medical issues that arise from premature ovarian failure.

Edit -- in June 2009, we underwent an IVF procedure with donor eggs. Currently waiting for results.

Edit -- February 2010 brought us our miracle. :)